The oh-so-necessary lava lamp

how stoned are ya ?

The world always looks different through a lava lamp, you muse. Turning it on, you find that most of the rooms in the Villa are now lit by several flickering candles and you decide to leave. Upon reaching the exit, you are presented with a fine choice of places to go ....


Let the Thinker be your guide in selecting your new destinations.




Mummies Alive!

These are just some of my fave. sites !

The Scrolls of Kalia

The Realm of Anubis

The Tomb

Mummies Alive! Outtakes- hilarious !

Dougray Scott & Ralph Fiennes & Erik Thomson

Note : There are many fan pages dedicated to these fine actors. These are just my faves !

The Dougray Scott Unofficial Appreciation Page!

The Ralph Fiennes Multimedia Page

Kiari's Erik Thomson Corner

Hercules : TLJ

HUG ... Hercules Ultimate Guide - Nuff said !


The Dominion

MyOwnEmail - Free !


HSX - visit it !


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the exit ...see you around !

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