The Courtyard...

(yes, I *know* who Hermes is ... I just like the statue)


The courtyard seems to be *teeming* with men as you step out into the bright sunshine. All except for the mummy standing in one corner. You go up and make your introduction. They each turn to you, introducing themselves....


From England :


Ralph Fiennes :Care for a drink, madam ?

The green eyed Englishman shakes you hand cordially. His eyes seem to bore straight into your soul. Maybe, you reflect, its all the champagne you had.....






From Scotland :


Dougray Scott :

Cute, eh ?

"Good day. May I know your name ?" Dougray's accent is marvelous, you notice. His warm eyes soften your soul and you find yourself grinning incomprehensively..






From Ancient Greece (Or Modern Austrailia) :

Hades / Erik Thomson :My name IS Erik !

Hades ... (or is it Erik ?) Walks up to you, his long cape flowing out behind him. Introducing himself as Erik, he mummurs to you that Nymbus keeps addressing him as Hades and could you talk to her about that ?





Comic relief :

From Ancient Egypt :

Rath :comic relief .. indeed !

"Harumph, of all things, being comic relief !" The tall man ...erm... mummy tells you, "Back when I was alive I was treated with more respect, let me tell you !"











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